Linux For Beginners

Linux is an open-sourced operating system built upon a command line system. It has continued to endure a degree of popularity twenty-five years later.

If you are interested in learning how to use Linux, you’re going to have to learn programming. You will have to install the operating system on your computer. If you only have one computer, you may want to install it as a secondary OS and familiarize yourself with it that way. If you have a secondary computer that you don’t use as much, installing Linux as your primary OS is definitely your best bet.

A short video by sakitech that teaches you the basics of Linux commands:

Unlike Windows or Apple operating systems, Linux has dozens, even hundreds of different distributions, and they all work a little differently. They will have different GUIs, some better suited for different tasks then others.However, there is no reason you cannot try multiple distributions. Some of the more popular Linux distributions include Ubuntu, Devian and Fedora, but there is virtually no limit to the different models.

Learning the Linux OS requires getting hands-on with code, but there’s no reason you have to go in alone. You can find both written tutorials and videos online for beginners and on our posts.