Q and A

The following are common Linux interview questions:

What open source projects are you currently working on?

A great candidate will have a project they are truly passionate about and committed. Share about your learning experience and challenges along with successes. Be specific about the coding process in your project. Do not be vague, the more specific you are the more credible it sounds.

What is the difference between BASH and DOS?

  1. Dos has a conventional 8 character file name followed by a dot and 3 for the extension.
    • BASH does not.
  2. BASH commands are case sensitive.
    • DOS are not.
  3. On DOS, the forward slash “/” serves as command argument delimiter and is directory separator.
    • Bash “/” character is a directory separator and acts as escape character.

What are shared, slave, private and unbindable mount points?

  • Shared mount point may be replicated as many times, and each copy will be exact.
  • Slave mount points similar to shared but sharing of mount point information happens in only one direction. A mount point that is slave will only receive mount and unmount events, anything replicated under this replicated mount point will not move forward.
  • Private mount point will not be shown anywhere else, on other replicated mount points unless they are explicitly mounted at that place.
  • Unbindable mount point is also private, cannot be replicated elsewhere through the use of the bind flag of the mount system call or command.

How do you execute more than one command or program from one single line entry?

By combining several commands by separating each command/program with semicolon symbol.

What would be a simple way to continuously monitor the log file for a service that is running?

By using the command:

tail -F $LOGFILE

and $LOGFILE is an environment variable corresponding to the path to the log file to be monitored.