April 30, 2016

bash on windowsRecently Microsoft announced that it is planning on incorporating the Unix-based Bash shell in Windows. For most users this does not come as very useful or interesting news, but for developers and TTIG server administrators this is big. What does it mean, though?

What is Bash?
Bash is a command line shell for the Unix system. For Windows users, this is something like the “C:\_” prompt you see when you open up the Command Prompt application. Basic functions allow you to manipulate file systems and run programs within those file system. Bash is the Unix equivalent of this. Both Command Prompt and Bash are referred to as shells.

What does it mean?
Great. What does this mean for Windows users or computer users in general? Well, in short, it will allow Windows to run a Unix based system, Ubuntu specifically, natively within a Windows environment. For your average Windows user, this will not change very much. For developers, however, this is huge in that it will let them run and port code to Windows that expects a Unix file system or system calls and responses. Also, for server administrators, it will make interfacing between Windows and Unix based servers much easier. (more…)