Many Linux lovers view this operating system as desktop only, but you might be limiting yourself if you haven’t tried to install it on anything else. There are dozens of device types that are compatible with Linux, many of which you can purchase cheaply and some of which you might even have lying around.

The following are just a few devices on which you can install Linux:

Non-Android Smartphone or Tablet

Remember when many techies purchased the original Kindle Fire from Amazon simply so that they could load stock Android or Linux on it? At less than $200, the Amazon Fire was among the cheapest tablets on the market. Used tablets and phones are also a steal on eBay!

A similar line of thinking is useful when it comes to Linux on tablets. You’ll specifically want a non-Android device such as HP’s Touchpad, which will allow you to install Linux. In fact, this tablet is compatible with Ubuntu.

There are many compatible devices with Linux but finding the right one for you may take time and research. Surf the internet or ask an expert in the IT field for feedback on a device before purchasing.,, and are a few online resources that can help you determine which device is best for you. (more…)