January 25, 2016
linux foundation

Share, Learn, Collaborate
The Linux Collaboration Summit, occurring this March in beautiful Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe, California, is less a conference than an opportunity. Intentionally kept small to enable collaboration, this gathering attracts the best minds and leaders in open source strategy and implementation from across the country. If you are looking for a fun conference in California where all you do is eat, party and swap war stories, the Linux Collaboration Summit is not for you. If you want to participate in the open source community, learn from experts in the field, strategize with people facing challenges similar to yours and return with fresh ideas and energized plans, apply for an invitation; the Linux Collaboration Summit is a learning opportunity unlike any other.

What you can expect at the Linux Collaboration Summit
The Linux Collaboration Summit provides an environment for sharing information and expertise in open source software and collaborative software. Here, you can meet professionals with goals and projects similar to yours, discuss how you have managed the intricacies of your projects and share approaches so that everyone gains in knowledge and further builds this growing community. Calling this a “working” conference gives the impression that it is simply and extension of your standard business day; consider it rather a prestigious open source summer camp, to which only the best and brightest are admitted, where enthusiasm to learn is equaled by enthusiasm to share.

Participants Welcome
The Linux Collaboration Summit is designed for participants rather than observers or visitors; think more dude ranch than luxury cruise. If you wish to be more of a researcher and student than speaker and collaborator, you may do that also, but you will likely find yourself an active participant as the collaboration infection grows as the conference progresses.

In addition to building relationships with some of the leading minds in the open source collaboration world, you will form more intimate, mutually supportive relationships with your peers as you discuss the salient points of the different presentations. 

Get Energized
Participating in this educational and stimulating event will energize you to return to your project with new ideas, renewed energy and plans to attend every year.