March 3, 2016

When looking for the best Operating System, two of the most popular choices are Windows and Linux. Today we’ll be comparing the operating systems and looking at which OS is best.

Price – One of the biggest factors when choosing an OS is cost.
  • Windows usually costs at least $100.
  • Most Linux distributions are free. Linux is also Open Source, allowing anyone to view the source code or modify it to create their own distribution.
  • Windows has far more accessible support services and is well documented. Information is easy to access and is well compiled. Windows also has regular updates and is supported directly by Microsoft.
  • There’s far more documentation for Linux than any other OS. However, the information is more fragmented, and not as easy to access. Updates to Linux aren’t as regular as Windows updates, as many distributions are managed by small teams or volunteers.
Ease of Use
  • Windows is a bit easier to use than Linux and supports the most software. It’s built to be user-friendly and hassle free. It’s great for daily use, or for anyone who doesn’t have much experience with computers.
  • Most Linux distributions aren’t as user-friendly as Windows. Although they’re getting close. If you’re looking for an easy to use Linux distribution, then Ubuntu is a great choice and is quite popular. It’s also nearly as easy to use as Windows.