April 22, 2016


Like clockwork, Canonical released it’s latest version of the Ubuntu operating system for Linux this month, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, code named Xenial Xerus. The LTS stands for Long Term Service, which means that Canonical will support this version for 5 years, rather than the 9 months that it supports its non-LTS releases.

One of the more interesting changes in this Ubuntu 16.04 is the Snap application format. Ubuntu will still use traditional deb packages and the snaps, as they are calling them, will coexist together. Some of the features of this new packaging system is its security and ease of use for package developers. Also, Snap offers a more robust and reliable iteration of packages across different Ubuntu flavors in that a user can install an application via Snap and not worry that it will interfere with other applications on the system. (more…)